Interview with Mr. Bhaskar Dhandapani, Country Sales Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India

Freescale Semiconductor India is hosting the Freescale’s Kinetis L Series Microcontrollers (MCUs) Design Challenge targeting the electronics design engineering community in India. We had the opportunity to ask few questions to Mr. Bhaskar Dhandapani, Country Sales Manager, Freescale India about the Design Challenge and the electronic design community in India.

Read the below interview with Mr. Bhaskar Dhandapani to know more about the Freescale Design Challenge and more.

1. Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

We are the pioneers in the embedded processing space. We have wide range microcontrollers and microprocessors to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity, and our technologies are fuelling the next great wave of innovation. For more than 50 years, Freescale has played a significant role in the evolution of embedded technologies with our break-through thinking, engineering expertise, dedication to quality and sustained market leadership.

2. Could you let us know more about Freescale Semiconductor India and especially about Freescale Kinetis L Series MCUs?

Freescale in India is headquartered in Noida with additional R&D centres in Hyderabad and Bangalore. We have over a 1000 employees across all locations in India.

We have a good customer base in India and are closely working with them to provide support through our technology solutions and help them cater to their end audience.

Freescale Kinetis L series MCUs is an extension of one of the world’s most scalable, energy efficient MCU portfolios. Kinetis L series MCUs combines the exceptional energy efficiency and ease of use of the ARM® CortexTM-M0+ processor with the performance, peripheral sets, enablement and scalability of the Kinetis 32-bit MCU portfolio.

3. What is Freescale Kinetis L Series MCUs Design Challenge?

The Freescale Kinetis L Series MCU Design Challenge has been launched specifically for the electronics design engineer community in India. The Freescale Kinetis L Series MCUs Design Challenge is a platform for design engineers to showcase their design sills and also a unique chance to work on your next big idea, showcase your imagination, enhance learning and win peer recognition and prizes. 

The contest is open to all persons 18 years or older as of January 1st, 2014 who is an Indian resident, who can speak, read and understand English. Professional electronics design engineers, hobbyists & budding engineers can participate, design and build innovative embedded systems using Freescale Kinetis L Series MCUs. Interested participants need to register for this challenge at the contest website and obtain a Registration ID – Login/Password and submit an abstract.

Freescale is committed to creating an ecosystem for innovation and talent development and this initiative is a step towards achieving that.

4. How different is the Freescale Kinetis L Series MCUs Design Challenge different from Other Challenges / competitions?

Every challenge or competition is different. There are always some similarities and some uniqueness. We at Freescale have always believed that it is important to encourage the youth and create an environment where the youth and the experienced have a platform to innovate and make the planet a smarter place to live in.

The Freescale Kinetis L Series MCUs Design Challenge is targeted to design engineer and is a platform for them to innovate and is an effort to boost the electronics ecosystem in the country.

We believe that the participants should be able to dig themselves and challenge their own skills and see how they can be different and innovative; this is what makes our competition different from the others. It is important for us to ensure that such challenges help the designer community to challenge their skills and see for themselves on how they can make a difference.

5. What do you think about the embedded systems community in India?

The embedded systems community in India is growing and it is increasingly important to support and encourage them. This is a very niche community but is at the forefront of technology developments in our country.

6. Are there any guidance that the participants can expect during the design challenge?

Interested participants are requested to visit the contest website for all contest related details. However, in case they have any query they can visit the help section on the contest site.

7. What advice do you have for the participants of the Freescale Kinetis L Series MCUs Design Challenge?

We would encourage more and more people to register and participate in this design challenge as it is a great platform to showcase your imagination and innovation capabilities. One advice would be to not go for too complicated abstract, instead keep it simple and yet innovative.

8. We generally see lot of things happening. Where do you think the embedded systems industry is heading towards? What kind of challenges does the embedded systems industry face?

As already discussed earlier, the embedded systems industry has a lot of promise and is poised for a growth. It is headed towards the right direction and we have to support them in this transition towards development and growth. The embedded systems industry is a very significant part of the entire ecosystem and it is very important to nurture and develop the community with utmost sincerity and zeal.

The community is growing and is constantly been talked about, so I don’t see any particular challenge. Having said that, I still believe that there is a long way still to go and we will together have to build the ecosystem and create an environment for development.

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