Is Developing Windows Phone Application easy ? – 12 year old developer proves it

Is developing a Windows Phone 7 application very easy ? It seems like easy , especially with the recent news that a 12 year old kid developed an App .

The Microsoft’s Channel 9 Team had recently posted a video of a 12 year old kid – Elliot Forde who developed an Windows Phone App .

Here’s a brief profile of Elliot Forde from Channel 9

“Elliot Forde is just like any other 12 year old. He likes to hang with his friends, play video games and wrestle with his dog. The difference is Elliot is a self taught Windows Phone developer whose app is rising to the top of the marketplace! We stopped by his home to catch Elliot in his natural habitat and see how this boy wonder came to be.”

Elliot Forde has 2 Apps to his credit .

  1. Time Tracker Application
  2. Richochet game

12 year old kid develops Windows Phone 7 apps

Looks like Elliot Forde is the youngest Windows Phone 7 Developer . :).

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