Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 Launched

Microsoft has officially announced the launch of Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework  4.0 at the Microsoft TechED.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is available in three editions:

  • VS 2010 Professional
  • VS 2010 Premium
  • VS 2010 Ultimate

You can download the free trial of the Visual Studio 2010 here .

There is also an Express Edition available for Download. ( ) .

The DreamSpark students can download the Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Express Editions from the DreamSpark Website .

MSDN Subscribers / Website Spark / BizSpark subscribers can also download the final Release .

Some of the Features of the .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 include.

  • Named and Optional Parameters that is part of VB.NET for some time and is included in C# 4.0
  • IDE based on WPF.
  • F# (F-Sharp) – a functional programming language included .
  • code analysis to help us avoid common mistakes.
  • Ribbon Development
  • Dashboards for displaying project status .
  • Intellisense support for Javascript and JQuery.

The above are just an sample list of features , there are plenty more for me to explore.

Here are some of the Links and References to get started Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 Development .

  1. What’s new in Visual Studio 2010
  2. C# Developer Center
  3. Visual Basic Developer Center
  4. VC++ Developer Center
  5. How Do I? Videos for Visual Studio 2010
  6. Visual Studio 2010 Showcase from Devx

Here’s a free ebook Download Moving to Visual Studio 2010 e-book from the Microsoft Download Center

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