Prevent Software Bugs and Win a Free Armadillo License

Armadillo is an adaptive bug prevention system that allows .NET developers to prevent bugs as they code. Armadillo prevents bugs from creeping into your code, without any extra work required from you. Armadillo gives you confidence in your code, and shows you where the next bug can be hiding.

Here’s a chance for the viewers to try out Armadillo and win a FREE license.

Win a free license of Armadillo and start preventing software bugs as you code.

To win:

  1. Download Armadillo at
  2. Start preventing software bugs
  3. Post a review of Armadillo on your blog, as a guest post, or in an article or magazine.
  4. Send a link to your review to


  • You can write or post a review on your blog, in a newspaper or magazine, or other outlet.
  • Reviews can be written or video. If you post a video review, you must embed the video in your blog or article.
  • Extra points are given for promoting your review and connecting with Armadillo on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Send a link of your review to

Watch the below video to know more about Armadillo

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