Selenium Conf 2014 – Official Selenium Conference in Bangalore

Selenium Conf 2014 , the official Selenium Conference is scheduled to be hosted in Bangalore from Sep 4-6th 2014. This is the 4th edition of the Annual Selenium Conference the goal is to bring together the Selenium developers and ethusiasts and provide an opportunity to network , socialise and discuss more about selenium.

This is a paid event and the registrations have already begun .

Some of the sessions that are currently finalized includes

  • Getting Started with Selenium by Dave Haeffner
  • Fix a Bug, Become a Committer by Simon Stewart
  • Opensource Mobile Testing by Julian Harty
  • Get your Grid up and Running by Dima Kovalenko
  • Selenium: State of the Union by Simon Stewart
  • Embrace and Extend: How the Selenium Project Convinced the World’s Largest Closed-Source Company to Participate
  • Design Patterns beyond the Page Object: An investigation into the design patterns used while building page objects.
  • Designing selenium webdriver scripts in an effective manner to reduce script rework
  • Migrating the herd – How Salesforce is migrating 35,000 Selenium RC tests
  • Perils of Page-Object Pattern
  • Scaling and managing Selenium Grid
  • Case Study – QTP/UFT to Selenium Migration – 80% reduced execution time
  • Clojure for functional testing of Mobile and Web apps
  • Allure framework – crystal clear reports for your selenium tests [in any language]
  • Running Selenium tests on a cloud of real mobile devices
  • Testing “Injection” Attacks with Selenium
  • How we trained our dragon built on enterprise practices to adopt and fail fast with OSS.
  • There is more treasure in Selenium nodes than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.
  • Page Objects Done Right
  • and more…

Know more about Selenium Conf 2014 and registration details at

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