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Variable Name with apostrophe in F#

Did you know ? . We can create a variable with the name containing apostrophe (‘) in F# . Variable Name with apostrophe in F# Below is a code snippet demonstrating how to have  apostrophe …

Declaring Variables in F#

To learn any new programming language , it is necessary to learn the basics first which includes how to declare and define basic data types . Below is a sample code snippet demonstrating how to …

Download Visual Studio 11 Preview

With the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview , here comes the Visual Studio 11 Preview . Microsoft has released the Preview of Visual Studio 11 which is the next version of Visual Studio …

Documentation and Learning resources for F#

F# is a functional programming language for the .NET Framework. This provides support for functional programming in addition to traditional object-oriented and procedural programming. F# is now integrated in to Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 Launched

Microsoft has officially announced the launch of Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4.0 at the Microsoft TechED. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is available in three editions: VS 2010 Professional VS 2010 Premium VS 2010 Ultimate