How to convert Octal Number to Decimal , HexaDecimal and Binary Number using C# ?

This is my third post of the series of the Number Converter for Windows Phone 7 sourcecode . In my previous posts i talked about

In this blog post , i describe or share the code  that converts a Octal Number to Decimal , HexaDecimal and Binary Number using C# in Windows Phone 7 .

public static class OctalConverter { /// <summary> /// Octals

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How to select a Photo from the Windows Phone Media Library using C# ?

Sometimes , the windows phone developers might be required to select the photo or image from the Windows Phone Media library in their Windows phone App .

A typically example would be uploading the profile picture of the facebook profile from a facebook App etc …

The Windows Phone 7 SDK provides the PhotoChooserTask chooser which allows the users to choose a picture from the album photo gallery or the Media library .

The Chooser “PhotoChooserTask” is defined in the namespace using Microsoft.Phone.Tasks .

To select the photo from the media library , just create an instance of the PhotoChooserTask class and call the Show Method .

The Completed event is called when a picture is selected from the the photo library and you can use one of the parameter PhotoResult to get the selected picture from your photo album.

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using

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Number Converter for WP7 – How to convert Decimal Number to Binary , HexaDecimal and Octal Number using C# ?

In this blog post and in the upcoming blog posts, i will share the source code of my small App for Windows Phone 7 (Number Converter for WP7).

The Number Converter for WP7 has got 50+ downloads. Although it’s not a big number, but for the first App that was developed in less than an hour is a great motivation for building more Windows Phone 7 Apps.

This Blog post describes how to convert a Decimal Number to Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal Number using C#.

In most of the cases, the built in functions of the .NET framework is used.

The most common function used to convert the numbers are Convert.ToString () and ToString with “X” as parameter for the Hexadecimal number.

using System; using System.Net; using System.Windows; using System.Windows.Controls; using

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