Top 2 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogs targetting Microsoft Technologies

Are you a Blogger who frequently write contents mostly related to Microsoft technologies ?

What are the ways do you use to monetize your blog ?? .

I know quite a few or probably most of them use google adsense , but using google adsense some times leads to the display of the unrelated ads to that of the content of the Website . There are other few Advertising network like Adbrite,Bidvertiser,Kontera etc .. , but not most of them give out relevant ads to the website .

I found these two Advertising Network providers which provide more relevant ads to the site targetting Microsoft Technologies


Lake Quincy Media provides a network of publishers targeted exclusively to Microsoft developers.

It represents some community sites like EggHeadCafe, Microsoft ASP.NET and .

2. TheLoungeNet hosted by Zerk Media  is another Advertising Network focussed on Microsoft Technologies .

Well , i havn’t yet started on using TheLoungeNet (Will try to use in the near future)  but have been using LakeQuincy Ads for my site .

It looks really good especially for the ads that are targetted for Microsoft technologies as well as earnings . I see around 250+ Blogs or Websites are using Lakequincy now .

These two are the best in my opinion as the adsense alternatives especially if you are writing about Microsoft related content .I would also love to hear about any other Network like these two and your experience about them

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