What are the Limitations of SQL Server Express Edition ?

Microsoft SQL Server comes in different versions that includes

  • SQL Server Enterprise
  • SQL Server Business Intelligence
  • SQL Server Standard
  • SQL Server Web
  • SQL Server Express

I have been using SQL Server Express 2012 for quite some time . What are the limitations of SQL Server Express compared to the other versions of SQL Server ?

In this blog post , let’s find out few the limitations of SQL Server Express Edition.

What are the Limitations of SQL Server Express Edition ?

The Express Edition of the SQL Server works great for most of the scenarios like the higher version of SQL Server but some of the limitations include

  • Maximum memory utilized by SQL Server Database Engine is 1GB .
  • Maximum size of the each relational database is 10 GB.
  • No SQL Profiler
  • Dedicated admin connection under trace flag
  • Single CPU (prior to 2008 R2 Express).
  • Maximum number of SQL Server Express instances = 16 on a machine.

Until now , SQL Server Express edition has been working well for me and i plan to try out the higher version of SQL Server in sometime 🙂

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