What I learned from the Clean Coder ?

Last 2 weeks , I was busy reading this book called “The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers” by Robert C.Martin .

I almost spent 30 minutes every day reading this book and found it to be an interesting read .

If you are not a Software Engineer or Programmer , then this book is not for you . Programmers must definitely read it once since you might face most of the scenarios that the author talks about .

The Book talks about the professionalism which is needed during the Software Development .

The Chapter 1 provides the overview of the professionalism and then talks about the work ethics and knowing your field better .

When should the Programmer say “Yes” and “No” and What does “I will try” mean ? is explained in the Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 .

Then the Book moves on to the coding process and talks about the “Zone” when coding .

How many of you Mentor or train others ? If you are doing one , then you are in line with the professionalism .

Not just these , the book also talks about various things that necessary for a Developer to be a Professional .

What I learned from the Book ?

  • The Software Engineers themselves are responsible to update their skills instead of expecting it from the Employer .This might bring mixed responses among various developers , but it is the responsibility of the developers to identify things that can help him/her update the skills .
  • Developers should keep themselves updated with the technology they work on …
  • The cost of blindly saying “Yes” . When you should say “Yes” and “No”
  • The language of Commitment
  • When you should agree to work overtime .
  • Courage to touch and fix other code 🙂 .
  • Broadening my Experience . I definitely got the opportunity of solving diversity or different kinds of problems during my work . Not just sticking to what I work on , i keep myself involved in some open source projects and also update myself on other technologies like Word Press , DotnetNuke , Windows Phone 7 , SEO(Search Engine Optimization” .
  • Working under pressure – stay calm .

After a long time , I was happy to read a Book on Programming without any code snippets 🙂

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