When do you drop old technologies from your resume as a programmer ?

Here’s an question that aroused during an discussion with one of my friend .

When do you drop old technologies from your resume as a programmer ? . Do you really mention every technologies that the programmer has worked on in their resume ?

In the beginning of their career , some of the developers would have worked in a pretty old technology  , Later in their career , the developers would have moved to a cutting edge technologies .

When applying for a new job . What would be the right approach ?

The answer to this question really depends on the individual and the job position that he has applied for.

I feel that if a developer is still interested in working on the technologies , he/she can still include it. But this depends on few other aspects as well .

– The technologies and the job history for the Job position.
– Developer’s interest in continuing working on the same old technology in the future.

Should the developers keep it very fresh by including only the most recent projects and technologies in their resume or should the developers go ahead and provide every details of the older technologies that they have worked on to show the depth of their experience ?

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