Yahoo Open Hack India 2010 Winners

Here’s the List of Hacks that won the awards in the 2010 edition of the Yahoo Open Hack India .

1. Best in show award

Hack Name : FlickSubz

Team Name : NaturalBornCoders

Team Members : BabuSrithar , Sudeep Nayak,Parashuram

Description : A Hack with the Flickr and Language translation API and Twitter

2. Government award

Hack Tools : Democracy Tools

Team Name : C4

Team Members : Ankur Patel,Ankur Gupta.Yatin Kumbhare

Description : A Mashup of Yahoo Web services related to the Election Commission to help the peoploe know whoe is uour leader and what is the Media’s Opinion about him .

3. Birdie award

Hack Name : Chirpshire

Team Name : The Catalysts

Team Members : Preetham Venkky , Rohit Talukdar ,Puneet Jaiswal,Mohd. Amjed

Description : This was a Twitter Hack .

4. Yahoo! Hacker brings bunnies to Hack award

Hack Name : GitHub Badges

Team Name : Enterprise Astronauts and Intern

Team Members : Brian Guthrie,Tejas Dinkar,Mark Needham

5 . Best Social Collaboration award

Hack Name : Communicator

Team Name : Make It simple

Team Members :Mohan Gupta,Sri Ram,Roshan

Description : This Hack provided an API’s that includes real time communicator and content collaboration in a Page .

6. Travel Hack award

Hack Name : How Much Time Will This Landmark Take Me

Team Name : Happy Feet

Team Members : Susheel

Description : This hack will help you to know the popular landmarks of a city and the time one will be spending in each city

7. Burning Chrome award

Hack Name : Chromy YQLip

Team Member : Markandey Singh

Description : It is an extension for page scrapping.

8 . Green Hack award
Hack Name : 50 Shop-Green

Team Name : Beanbag Hackers

Team Members : Nidhi Chaudhary,Anurag Jain

Description : A hack to save Paper

9. Hackers’ Choice award

Hack Name : Nirvana – Your Late Night Path to Home

Team Name : Insomniacs

Team Member :Ramkumar,Niranjan,Ankita Parmar

Description : An Hack showing the police checking on bangalore roads done using Yahoo API and others.

You can find more information about the winning Team Hacks as well as all others hacks submitted for the event here

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