Codenames for Microsoft’s Visual Studio ?

I have an habit of calling the Visual Studio by its Code name ,but was recently struck with how i call the Visual Studio 2010 with the Code names .

I read in an article that the Codename of Visual Studio 2010 was Hawaii and kept calling it the same , but only recently i found that the name is different as mentioned in Wiki .

Here’s a little information of the Codename of other .NET related technlogies.

1. Visual Studio .NET 2002

Codename : Rainier

Released : February 2002

2. Visual Studio .NET 2003

Codename : Everett
Released : April 2003

3. Visual Studio 2005
Codename : Whidbey
Released : October 2005

4. Visual Studio 2008

Codename : Orcas
Released : November 2007

5. Visual Studio 2010

Codename : ???(Rosario,Hawii,Dev10)
Released : April 2010

6. Windows Communication Foundation

Codename : Indigo

7. Silverlight
Codename : Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere

Any guess on what is the Code name of the Visual Studio 2010 ??

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