Popular ASP.NET based Content Management Systems (CMS)

ASP.NET is one of the well known Web Application development framework from Microsoft which allows the developers and web designers to build websites and dynamic web applications using Microsoft .NET Framework.

Content Management System is one of the great way for the users to publish , edit and modify content from a central UI . Some of the Websites which CMS can be used for are blogs , news , shopping. It allows the end users to perform lot of things easily.

There are plenty of CMS developed using PHP or other languages . These include Joomla , Drupal etc. How about CMS developed using ASP.NET ?

Below are List of the Popular and Well known Content Management Systems based on ASP.NET. There is no specific order in the below CMS. Some of them are free versions and some are Commercial one’s.

Popular ASP.NET based Content Management Systems (CMS)

Are you working on any other ASP.NET based CMS ? . Feel free to add them to the comments section .

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